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Are you going through your second year at EBS Paris (European Business School)? Did you choose a business school because, in the years to come, you would like to help change the way the industry world is working? Maybe make it a more ethical and ecological space and basically changing the way we do business through business? Do you deeply respect our planet? Are most of your ideas shaped around ecological and ethical behavior? Did you became a vegetarian two years ago, and today you are very careful about what you eat and buy? Do you like brands like Lush or Stella McCartney because they are looking out for those kind of issues? I DO.

One of my main passion is music. Especially playing instruments. I learned to play piano and ukulele on my own. I have been playing cello at a concervatory for 11 years. I played in orchestras and I have done solos.

Today, I like to gather around with friends and share any kind of art each and everyone of them is interested in, or has lately discovered. It feels like music chamber but it is not just about music.


One of the most fulfilling experience I had was five years ago. With four of my friends we directed, created costumes, decors for a play during two years. We were also playing in it. It was then that I learned about group work, deadlines and solving unexpected issues. We were on our own, five 15 years old girls with no supervision, but we manage to make it work. And we had one of the most wonderful times of our lives.

My project

I am really concern about the way we consume and how it affects the world in general (whether it is humans, animas or the environment). Something I would like to create is a website to help us gradually change our habits.

EBS asked us to present a website a few month ago and I chose to present this project to have an idea of what it would look like.

web site

Check out this article:

The Guardian : Facebook is coding a whole new class system

Here is my summary:

According to this article, Facebook used coding as a way to classify its user’s social class. Although Facebook is not the first company trying to determine its consumer’s social class, it is one of the first trying to do it without taking the user or consumer’s income into account. It is through an artificial intelligence that reads your profile that Facebook understands your social class. Why ? Moreover for advertisement. Targeted advertisement according to your profile’s social class. The more they focus their advertisement on a special profile, the more it’s profitable for Facebook.